Visitors Guide to Dalsland Canal and the Dalsland Nordmarken Lake District

Download the ultimate guide to Dalsland Canal – an app fully stocked with canal facts, marinas, lock stations, campsites, accommodation, sights, attractions, restaurants, activities, amenities and much more. The app is free and many of its features are available offline, so you can use it even when you’re far off the beaten track!

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  • Canal Facts

    Welcome to Sweden’s most lake-rich landscape, Europe’s best canoeing waters and one of the best lake systems in the world. This app contains all the information you need, whether you’re travelling by pleasure craft, canoe or passenger boat.

  • Inspiring articles

    The Dalsland Canal and Dalsland Nordmarken lake district offer clean air, fresh water and extraordinary outdoor activities. We’ve put together a collection of inspiring and interesting articles and reports about the canal that you can have a look at before your visit.

  • Maps

    These maps will help you easily find everything you’d like to visit and experience during your visit. Use the GPS feature in your mobile phone to view the sights and attractions in your area. Or use the app to plan your trip and then save the places you’d like to visit as favourites.

Dalsland Canal start and discover pages

The clear and explanatory structure of the app makes it easy for you to make the most of your visit to the Dalsand Canal and Dalsland Nordmarken lake district

Here is everything you need to explore the Dalsland Canal and vicinity. The app’s various menu options make it easy to select the perfect information for you and your party. You can save places you’d like to visit as favourites. Many of the app’s features are also available offline, so you can use it even when you’re far off the beaten track!

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The simple symbols help you quickly find the perfect place to overnight, the cosiest café, the best barbecue site, where you can refuel and where you can moor the boat for the night. It also marks out great activities and attractions for the whole family.

Castle, hut or something in between?

The app compiles information on our pleasant marinas, campsites, guest houses and bed & breakfasts. Our hotels are cosy and friendly and nearly all have lakeside locations. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor experience at one of the lake district’s campsites or prefer the comforts of indoor accomodation and amenities, you will find your perfect lodging here.

Liste der Unterkunft in der App
Lodging, restaurants and activities along the Dasland Kanal

Fabulous nature experiences and adventures await you all along the Dalsland Canal. The district has everything you could wish for – and then some. Locks, hiking trails, canal boats, fishing, art museums, beaches, moose parks, trolleys, cycle trolleys, canoes, kayaks, bicycles, high-rope activities, panning for gold, horseback riding and much more. With so much to choose from, there’s sure to be a perfect fit for everyone in your party!

The aqueduct in Håverud
Service along the Dalsland Canal
Locking in Dalsland Canal

Here, you will find every service and amenity you could possibly need along the Dalsland Canal

We’ve gathered as much information as we possibly could in the app. However, if you find that you need personalized service during your trip, please contact one of our tourist offices. The knowledgeable and engaged staff are passionate about making sure your stay is as wonderful as possible and will be happy to provide you with information, brochures, fishing licenses, Nature Conservation Cards and maps.